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Botanical Shower Drops - 2 Scents

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Botanical Shower Drops - 2 Scents

Available in 2 wonderful blends:

Breathe Easy~ An airway opening blend of essential oils- lime, eucalyptus, frankincense, and peppermint. Perfect to have on hand during cold and cough season.

Rise 'n Shine~ Uplifting lemongrass essential oil. Wonderful for chasing away the winter blues and boosting the spirits.

Revitalize and invigorate your senses with our shower drops. Drop one onto the shower floor and enjoy the refreshing aromatherapy these drops provide. Choose from  essential oil blends of Breath Easy or Rise and Shine.

Includes 15 shower drops.



Natural Ingredients: Baking soda, food grade citrus acid, coconut oil, sprinkle of beautiful botanical, essential oils.


No dyes, perfumes, or toxic ingredients!